Financial Debt and Dating – Can a Vision Board Help?

At what point in your dating dance do you disclose you are way over your limit in debt and then there is always the other side of the question also, how much debt does the other partner have?

First off you don’t disclose this until you know that the relationship is going to go some where, kind of like the saying goes, “Is he/she really into me?” and if they aren’t or you really aren’t sure, then just keep it fun and light. When the thought of using the same key to an address comes up, then it is time to listen to each others stories about finances and to get honest about the monthly income and out go of funds.

This is very important for several reasons and one huge reason is you don’t want to be the sole supporter of a residence for two; you want it to be shared equally, half by you and half by the other partner. So now is time to figure all of this out before you move in together and start sharing a live-in intimate situation.

Money is one of those issues that can tend to tear a relationship apart, and this is where a Vision Map Video can be of great assistance, a video is just like a vision board only you watch it on a computer or hand held device and it is for your eyes only not for everyone that comes into your house, it is much more private.

Using a Vision Map Video is great because you can have one as a couple for your goals, desires, dreams together and then one for each of you as individuals for your goals and dreams. They are very personalized and help manifest at a faster rate when they are watched at least once a day.

When partners are working together on their goals, whether it be debt or a dream wedding or a dream vacation it creates the momentum to manifest easier, just like a team plays better together than playing as a single player. Same with relationships, it is better as a team. Visualization together towards the same goals is the best and the most fun, as when you manifest it there is a celebration of that together.

Work together on a budget when your relationship seems to be getting serious and I looks like it is time to take it to the next step, like moving in together and see if you are compatible with finances, this the best time to find this out, as it is one of the most important aspects of a partnership and/or marriage. The budget will be the road map to where and how your relationship will or will not work, it will show you both about your spending habits and what is important for each one of you; what each of you like to spend your money on. This is very important information for any relationship. The Vision Map Video will supply the same type and kind of information, and will give you both a design in manifesting a great relationship.

Norfolk’s City and Central B and B and The Holiday Cottage

Norfolk, a county situated in the east of England, whose county-town or the main city is Norwich. Norwich is one of the popular destinations for tourists. The attractions that draw the thousands are not only the museums and the old paved streets but also the Castle, the Norwich cathedral, Cow Tower, the Forum and the Dragon Hall. It is also one of the favourite shopping places. All these make the city a pliant option for the development of the tourism market.

The tourists have a variety of hotels to choose from. From the usual breakfast and bed to the more romantic boutiques, to the lavish ones that have spas and golf courses, all the hotels have a common aim, to provide “a home away from home experience”, to deliver to the travellers a care and comfort.

The Bread and Breakfast

The bread and breakfast hotels started basically for the business travellers who needed to find an accommodation only for the night. The breakfast was also included in the room rates. Usually they started with only ten rooms, but the Central Hotel has 16 rooms with additional nine in the Central Hotel annexe. The rooms are of three basic types: the ensuite (with attached bathrooms and some amenities), the standard and the deluxe.

The various B&B offers discounts on the room rates and also special offers during weekends and holidays. They are fantastic as they are easy on the pocket and also bring delicious early morning continental breakfasts.. It also gives the travellers an insight of the locals and their customs. The B&B’s are also pet friendly and therefore the family who travel with their pets, they are an excellent option.

The Self-Catering and the Holiday Cottage

Some tourists want the freedom of entering and leaving the hotel as they want. For them the best option is the self-catering cottages. The travellers can chose from lavish chateaus to barns to apartments near the city. Perfect places for breaking away from the hustle of the city life, these places give the freedom to enjoy as and however the tourists want.

The cottages are self catering and come with the most modern facilities so that the stay of the tourist is as comfortable as it gets. The years of experience and local knowledge enables that the staff give the highest standard of service to the guests and ensure that they give repeat business.

Other than this, the hotel also caters to small parties. They also reduce their rates during the weekends and the holidays. The discounted rates change from time to time. They also have offers for tourists who stay for a long time or and for the travellers who are willing to share their accommodation with each other. These lucrative discounts also ensure that the tourists come back to the same hotel over and over again.

Where To Have An Ideal And Relaxed Vacation In Corfu

Corfu in Greece is developing as one of the leading international tourist destinations in the world. The sun-kissed beaches of Corfu along with other natural beauty and the rich culture are the main attractions that the place offers. People from all across the globe are coming to the beautiful Greek island to spend few days in the lap of nature. With the influx of tourists and travelers, it is obvious that various kinds of accommodation facilities are also developing in the area. There are various kinds of hotels, lodges and rented apartments that are available in Corfu.

If you are looking for a Corfu resort to stay during your vacations, there are many from which you can choose the most suitable for you. Most of the resorts in Corfu are located by the sea-side on the beach. People staying in a Corfu resort can feel the sea and enjoy the beach from very close quarters. The rooms are offered in the various resorts of Corfu are excellently done in the state-of-the-art fashion. All the luxurious room amenities are offered to make the stay of the guests enjoyable and pleasurable. Attempts are made so that guests do not have any chances to complain and come back to the resort if they visit Corfu again.

A reputed and established resort will definitely have a swimming pool in the premises. Guests can enjoy swimming in the pool and also relax by the poolside. There might be a separate playground for children, an entertainment room, a bar and a lounge, a tennis court, gymnasium and similar facilities. Apart from that, outdoor recreation facilities are also offered. Since most of the resorts are located by the beach, various kind of adventurous water-sports are also offered. Swimming, diving, snorkeling, etc. are some of the common water-sports that are arranged. Boating services are also offered by many resorts.

Any good Corfu resort will have good dining facilities for the travelers and tourists. Most of the resorts have exclusive restaurants. Various kind of local and international cuisines are available at the restaurant. The restaurants also serve specially ordered delicacies for the guests. Maximum care is taken so that the food is prepared in the best possible manner with the best flavors. Authentic Greek delicacies are a treat in themselves and if prepared in the right manner can provide a real experience for lifetime. For people who do not like to experiment much with food, there are various kinds of international cuisines on offer in a luxurious hotel.