Boutique Hotels in Kolkata – A New Name For Luxury

Kolkata is a splendid city located on the eastern part of India. It was formerly known as Calcutta. The city is situated in West Bengal and is a home to many great artists and their artistic work. This city is also called as ‘City of Joy’ as it is believed that people of Kolkata are known for their lovely, lively and friendly behavior to each other and also to its non-native inhabitants. It’s the people of this city that adds soul to this already gorgeous city. There are many places worth visiting in this city and there are many boutique hotels in Kolkata that will make your stay pleasurable.

There are many luxury hotels which can be found in Kolkata. These hotels vary in their services depending upon their star rate. Right from economic hotels to budget hotels to 5-star hotels that offers only luxury and classy stay, every type of accommodation is available in this city of Kolkata. Numerous hotels near airport are seen in Kolkata. Many of the luxury hotels are located within a distance of 10 km from Kolkata airport. And they indeed provide a beautiful stay for their clientele. The hotels in Kolkata near airport are not only centrally located but also close to shopping markets and remains well connected, thus making them an attractive option for travelers.

The boutique hotels in Kolkata offer exclusive facility to all of its customers in terms of room decoration, kind of food offered and many more. This especially attracts customers and thus not only the fellow travelers but also big huge businessmen prefer residing in boutique hotels. The designs of some hotels are sometimes influenced by a particular theme and this trend is followed in rest of the hotel. These provide with versatile food choice- ranging from Indian, Chinese, and Continental to Thai. Apart from such exclusive varieties in food, they also offer other recreational facilities such as swimming pool, gym facilities, and various other adventurous and fun sports.

The budget hotels in Kolkata near airport although offer few limited basic services but these are enough to stay in a comfortable manner. Although they do not offer variety of food but the food is decent and stay is pleasant as the staff is generally very friendly. The luxury hotels offer more than the basic amenities and provide an exclusive service to its customers. They also offer business facilities to conduct high range business meetings, conferences and also secretarial services. They often provide complimentary services such as free valet parking which also equally attracts customer. In addition they also provide airport pick-up drop facility and sightseeing facilities for those entire customer who wish to make use of such facilities. They give best service to their clients.

Turning First-Class – Luxury Apartments in Panama

We edged into the plane where the first class passengers sat, all wrapped in their complimentary white blankets, probably made from the wool of albino alpaca. They all wore nice watches and perused over sophisticated reading material–the kind of thing with lots of text and no pictures. The feeling of looking at these people had always been one of desire for me: the hope, the aspiration that some day I might make it to the top. My journey to the top though was much shorter than planned when, after spotting an open first-class seat, I randomly decided to sit down and make myself comfortable.

“Would you like some Perrier?” a stewardess soon asked. “Yes” I replied, “but please. Bring it with a spritz of lemon.” I wasn’t sure what the lemon was for, but had heard the phrase, and more specifically the word “spritz” demanded on numerous televisional occasions. I had fallen into my role in first class as though I was destined to be there. As I watched pathetically, the rest of the plane’s passengers–the common folk–were herded back to comedy class. I couldn’t help but to embrace my new-found pomposity in feeling bad for the people in the back. They’re lives weren’t as rich or as lucrative as mine, and for that, they would never really be experiencing life.

The plane landed in muggy Panama City where I left my seat littered with used hand towels, chewed up olive pits, and free headphones. I was soon thereafter whisked off to my hotel which, for $35 a night, wasn’t my cup of tea. I decided that people like me don’t settle for anything but the best, so after canceling the room, I set out to find newer, more lavish accommodations.

Only problem was, none of the hotels had space. The Marriot, Sheraton, Country Inn, Crowne, Veneto, Bristol, Four Points, all of them were booked. I tried several times mentioning, over the phone, that I was the type of person who rides first class all the way, and if some strings could be pulled, I could guarantee a nice tip at the end. But no dice. It appeared that every hotel (up to my deluxe standards) in Panama City was booked.

What’s a first class traveler to do?

That’s when I came across it. Los Cuatro Tulipanes . They’re boutique luxury apartments situated in Panama City’s old quarter, where cobblestone streets, old European architecture, and slight ocean breezes are friendly and romantic. You can rent these apartments out for one night or for one year.

I was escorted to my room, where century-old stone walls, sleek TVs, and first-rate decoration seemed to be whispering to me. “First class” they murmured, “first class”. The apartment I rented was $120 per night, and was far bigger and more elegant than any hotel I’ve stayed in throughout Panama. It was just around the corner from the National Theater, several museums, and a handful of the nation’s best (most luxurious) restaurants. It is, perhaps, the best hotel deal in Panama City and whenever I’m in town, I stay there. After all, people like us won’t accept anything less.

Holiday Rentals in Madrid – A Blend of Luxury and Comfort in Vacation

Madrid offers myriad of things to see and do; but what makes Madrid a favorite tourist destination is the experience of visiting the remarkable places. Parks, museums, shopping centers and other fine doing options like theaters, nightclubs, sporting events are in abundance to give you all you want from your holiday. The increasing economy of the city has boosted the number of business traveler to the place. Maximum visitors to this place prefer less expensive rental apartments to the hotel rooms. Hence, there is always increasing demand for let holiday rentals and accommodations in Madrid.

What holiday rentals in Madrid can offer you?

First of all you can book your holiday rentals in Madrid for short term and long term basis as well. As Madrid is one of the economic centers of Spain, people on business tours may stay for shorter period of time and those who are with their family for a vacation may stay months together. Compared to the hotel rooms in Madrid the apartments on rent are less expensive. They are spacious, comfortable and will make your stay really unforgettable. Privacy is the other important thing that you can enjoy in any holiday rentals in Madrid. The fully furnished self-catering apartments are popular in Madrid for the hospitality that you can take pleasure in.

Chic Rentals provides adequate information on rented apartments in their website from which you can select the one that you like most. You can have the online booking facility from the website of the company. Check for the holiday rentals in Madrid and their availability from the site itself. After your request through the online form you will get an email giving details of the apartment including its address. The company has appointed personals to receive the guests on their arrival to the apartment. You will be given instructions regarding handling of the provided equipments.

If you are passionate about making your vacation an exotic one holiday rentals in Madrid will be the best option for it. An elegant stay in Madrid means getting pleasure from each and every single activity starting from sight seeing to night clubs. Explore the historic monuments, the shopping streets, the fashion boutiques, the restaurants serving local cuisines, museums and parks to make your stay so attractive that you will make you decision stronger to return to this place in the next vacation.

If you want to be the part of the lively activities in Madrid book your holiday rentals now. And it is sure that you will love to come to this place the next time you plan for a vacation.