Inexpensive Cyprus Apartments In Larnaca, Unbelievable Prices

If you have always dreamed of owning a little piece of Cyprus property for sale then take a good took at inexpensive Cyprus apartments in Larnaca, you will be quite taken aback at the cheap prices on offer at this moment in time. Whether you choose a costal property or further inland you can be guaranteed excellent value for your investment.

If you grab yourself a Cyprus country map you will see that Larnaca lies on the Eastern side of the Island and plays host to one of the Islands two major airports, the other being Paphos. So once you have landed you can start your holiday fun without the need to travel far to reach your destination. Larnaca has miles of beautiful beaches and a seafront that has recently been re modernised and it is quite romantic walking along the sea front on a balmy summers evening. The marina in Larnaca plays host to some of the most amazing yachts you’re ever likely to see.

Cyprus developers are almost giving away their properties, inexpensive Cyprus apartments in Larnaca are such good value you will be astounded at what you see. There is so much choice from a small studio apartment right up to the luxurious penthouses that have you looking out to the miles and miles of Mediterranean. If you buy inexpensive Cyprus apartments off plan then you could save a substantial amount, which means you could invest in a bigger property or even buy two!!

Whether you are planning on purchasing one of the inexpensive Cyprus apartments in Larnaca as a permanent residence or just a holiday home you can be guaranteed of a cheap flight to Larnaca. Cyprus has just opened its doors to the budget airlines so they are all competing for your custom and are offering ridiculously low fares.

Now is the best time to invest as economists have predicted a steep price rise within the next year so your inexpensive Cyprus apartment in Larnaca could well double its value within the next year or two. Where else would you get that kind of return on an investment? Inexpensive Cyprus apartments in Larnaca, or indeed anywhere on the Island are one of the best investment options as prices are cheap and with the predicted rises in the next few years you cannot go wrong.

The east-west and north-south motorways that link Paphos, Agia Napa, Nicosia and Larnaca intersect on the outskirts of the town linking it conveniently to all parts of the island making it logistically the perfect location for your Cyprus property.

Larnaca is only a short 40 minute drive from the Islands capital Nicosia, which is a shoppers haven, there are many of the large department stores you will find in London and many designer boutiques, so if a spot of shopping takes your fancy then you do not have far to travel. Nicosia is a mixture of cosmopolitan and old town which makes for some delightful strolls around.

Larnaca lies approximately 65kilometres from Limassol which is a beautiful area, with plenty to see and do. Limassol plays host to the Islands main port there is also a 1,000 boat marina being built in the heart of the town which promises to be outstanding with some nice restaurants and coffee bars.

Book yourself a cheap flight to Larnaca Cyprus, grab yourself a Cyprus country map and have a good look at the inexpensive Cyprus apartments in Larnaca for yourself, or even a little further inland, we are certain you will be amazed at the excellent value for money that Cyprus property for sale will offer.

Rent Apartment in Paris to Enjoy New Year’s Eve Your Own Way

It’s best to rent apartment in Paris if you want to celebrate the New Year your way. Hotel rules cramp your style – have your own place to come home to.

Paris Apartments give you more freedom and better value

The New Year celebration in Paris is like no other. It’s not about just one night – it lasts for the entire month! And New Year’s Eve in Paris offers so many ways to celebrate you’ll find yourself having a difficult time deciding where to go to say Bonne Annee. The city is packed, and one word of advice is to forget about the expensive hotels. Have your own place to come home to without all the rules and regulations. If you don’t have friends or family to stay with, the best alternative is to rent apartment. In Paris, you can find a luxury rental in any of the Arrondissements. Paris apartments are not only more spacious, but if you check out what even a decent hotel will cost you, you’ll find yourself spending way less to have a spectacularly luxurious home to call your own amongst the locals. You could even have your own celebration at home. Try that at a hotel.

Paris’ New Year celebration lasts an entire month

The entire country of France celebrates “St. Sylvestre” or the New Year for the whole month of January. But if you’re one of the lucky ones to be in the magical city on New Year’s Eve, here are a few of the places you might want to consider spending the night.

• The Moulin Rouge is probably the ultimate classy spot to ring in the New Year. It will set you back close to a thousand dollars when it’s all said and done, but along with the entertainment you’ll enjoy caviar, lobster, and a champagne dinner. Everyone gets a gift, and it’s sure to be a night you’ll never forget!

• The Avenue des Champs-Élysées is where you’ll find the crowds on New Year’s Eve. It is the equivalent of Times Square in the U.S. After an afternoon of shopping at some of the finest department stores and designer boutiques in the world, head over to this most famous of streets. The locals bring a bottle of champagne, plastic flute glass, and picnic bag to count down the seconds and wish each other “Bonne Annee” as a laser and light show explodes over the Eiffel Tower. Dress warmly and for the best view, try to find a spot in the Champ de Mars Park. You can continue celebrating at any of the clubs in the district which will stay open until the wee hours, or if you take the advice to rent apartment in Paris, you can take the party back to your place. There are many Paris Apartments right in the district that you can walk to. Don’t try this if you are going to book a hotel (if you can find one). Hotel rules are pretty strict about any loud partying that might disturb other guests.

• For a little quieter, but no less memorable evening, you might head over to Montmartre and join the festivities at Sacre Coeur Cathedral Plaza. The entire Paris skyline is visible here and the street party is a little more subdued. But after you view the show over the Eiffel Tower, you’ll find many clubs, cabarets, and bars to spend the evening. You can find many Paris Apartments right on the island so you don’t have to worry about driving anywhere after partying all night.

If you choose to rent apartment in Paris, you’ll experience the celebration like a Parisian

Paris Apartments are available in any of the Arrondissements and are really a good option for New Years or any other time of the year. You’ll actually have a place to call your own without all the rules and regulations you have to adhere to at an expensive hotel. You can rent apartment in Paris districts near the attractions that interest you most. You won’t just have a room; you’ll have a home away from home. You can save a lot of money, not on just the cost of lodging, but on cooking as well. Make sure you find one of the Paris Apartments that has a kitchen with utensils so you can cook one or more of your meals at home. The more money you save, the more you’ll have left to spend on entertaining yourself – going clubbing, shopping, sightseeing, etc.

Money saved renting Paris apartments could be spent on a cruise

One pricey but often overlooked option for New Year’s Eve celebration is a cruise down the Seine River. For those unfamiliar with the geography of the city, the Seine divides the city and offers unforgettable views of the city’s major attractions, as well as the two natural islands that are part of the city. What better way to see the festivities than aboard a luxury yacht, after a gourmet dinner and musical entertainment. With an advance reservation, you can get all of this for around $500. You won’t be crowded in on the streets but will certainly be able to take in all the sights and sounds that define Paris on New Year’s Eve.

After the cruise, you can go to one of the clubs that will still be open, or back to your own place that you rent. Apartment in Paris can be found near the launch point of your cruise so you can walk home easily or use public transportation, which is much more reliable and useful than it is in the States.

The city of lights really comes alive for the New Year

Paris is renowned as both the culinary and fashion capital of the world. There is simply no other city that offers the dining, shopping, and entertainment options for any holiday celebration that Paris does. Take in a cabaret show, dine in one of the gourmet bistros or restaurants, and shop the famous department stores and boutiques in one of the several famous shopping areas. Even better, if you choose to rent apartment in Paris, live amongst the locals and find one of the many hidden treasures off the beaten path in a local neighborhood. There is a surprise around every corner. Staying in a hotel will have you in the midst of other tourists that don’t know any more than you do. Take advantage of the local’s knowledge while you live in their midst. Paris is one of the few world capital cities that offer so different places and options to rent apartment. In Paris, you can find a superb, luxurious rental for around $1000 a week that will sleep 4 people. Compare that to the well over $2,000 you will spend for even a modest hotel room to accommodate 4, and you can see that you can save enough money on this alone to pay for an exclusive night at Lido’s or the Moulin Rouge, a cruise, and still have money left over for some shopping.

Luxury Waterfront Apartments – Can You Live the Dream?

Having the opportunity to purchase a luxury waterfront apartment in Paihia is on many people’s wish list. Paihia is located in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. This incredible region is one of such natural beauty that once you visit you will find it very difficult to leave.

If you purchase a property you could turn it into an investment in those months that you may not use it. You will be able to generate cash by renting it out to the many tourists who visit this beautiful region, for the great weather and hospitality. There are so many activities to choose from; from going swimming with Dolphins to hiring a kayak to explore the coastal inlets as well as doing all of the usual water sports. With great restaurants, boutique shops and a golf course it is difficult to imagine what else a tourist would need in order to have a fantastic holiday.

If you do not intend using the property as an investment, Paihia is a great place to live. This part of the coast is relatively unspoilt, the waters are safe to swim in and the views are just incredible. In addition to the excellent facilities available locally, you also get a dose of history as the old capital Russell is only a short distance away by ferry.

When choosing which luxury waterfront apartments in Paihia to buy, you should consider a number of factors:

1) Is the price reasonable?
Obviously the type of property you can afford will depend on your budget. You should view a number of different apartments to make sure you are getting the best value for your cash. A property with a sea view, spacious accommodation and some luxury facilities, for example a popular facility is an ensuite.

2) The location
As with any type of real estate investment, location should always be a factor when making a purchase. You may find a real bargain in an as yet underdeveloped area but you should bear in mind that it may be difficult to live in a building zone for the next number of months/years.

3) The facilities on offer
This is particularly important if you intend to use the apartment for investment. Is there a manned reception in the apartment complex? Is there an onsite manager? What facilities are included in the complex. For example, does it have a swimming pool, sauna, gym, parking, or cleaning services?

Buying luxury waterfront apartments in Paihia should not be rushed into. With the right help and advice, you can secure the property of your dreams and perhaps even turn it into a money maker!