3-Star and 4-Star Cheap Milwaukee Hotels

Milwaukee is the US state of Wisconsin’s largest city. It is situated by Lake Michigan’s southwestern shores. From an exclusive manufacturing and brewing powerhouse, it has re-shaped its image with the addition of establishments like the Midwest Airlines Center, Milwaukee Riverwalk, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Miller Park and Pier Wisconsin – all contributing to the re-birth of Milwaukee as a vacation destination, business hub and retirement home. As more business and leisure travelers visit this city, more luxury and cheap Milwaukee hotels have started to surface. Apart from these and the new skyscrapers, other accommodation options include apartments, lofts and condos which are constructed either onsite or close to riverbanks and lakes.

Milwaukee is a popular destination for a lot of water sports and other activities along Lake Michigan. This includes sailing, kite surfing, windsurfing, ethnic dining and several cultural festivities. You will also find here a lot of parks, gardens, museums, fine dining restaurants and even world class Milwaukee hotels. Others also note this city as a premiere Midwestern meeting destination. It offers state-of-the-art convention facilities which are conveniently situated along the Midwest Airlines Center and close to it is the dynamic downtown. Some places of interest you should check out are the Milwaukee County Zoological Gardens, the Riverwalk, Downtown Theater District, Water Street Entertainment District and more.

Visiting Milwaukee won’t cost you much. Many tourists regard it as a very affordable leisure and business destination. It has everything you may need under the sun – whether it’s for transportation (public, limo or taxi service) or ticket prices. It is definitely very accessible. The city’s warm hospitality sets it apart from others.

Cheap Milwaukee Hotels

County Clare Irish Ann and Pub Milwaukee – This 3-star cheap hotel in Milwaukee offers a boutique style bed and breakfast accommodation. It is located at North Astor Street. It has country-style guest rooms with standard Queen-sized poster beds, coffee makers, satellite TVs, double whirlpool baths and hair dryers among others. For a starting rate of $95, you even get to experience dining in their onsite restaurant which serves contemporary and traditional Irish cuisine.

Pfister Hotel Milwaukee – This 4-star cheap Milwaukee hotel is located at East Wisconsin Avenue. It is near Lake Michigan’s shores and the General Mitchell International Airport. Other nearby attractions includes Mitchell Park, Milwaukee Art Museum and the Milwaukee County Stadium. For a starting rate of $191, guests are privileged with high speed Internet access, irons with boards, hair dryers, deluxe toiletries, clock radios and bathroom telephones. Other hotel amenities that sets it apart from other cheap Milwaukee hotels is its Victorian art collection, 23rd floor indoor pool, wine and Blu martini bar, as well as an award winning restaurant – Celia, Café Rouge and excellent views of Lake Michigan.

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Usage and Significance of Clothing Labels

With the growing level of competition in recent times, standing out amongst many has become a compulsion. It does not matter whether you are running a small boutique or you are the owner of a large apparel line, having your own identity is imperative to survive in this volatile business scenario. This is why the significance of clothing tags is unremittingly increasing in recent times.

Gone are the days, when people enter the shop and pick up what appeals to the eyes. Lately, people, irrespective of their economic backgrounds have become extremely fashion conscious, which leads to their growing affinity for different national and international brands. Investing in a branded apparel, somewhat determines style statement nowadays. As a matter of fact, quite a large number of garment makers are entering the scene almost every day. Hence, without a label, it’s almost impossible to run a clothing line in an extremely fashion conscious world.

A lot of designers and manufacturers nowadays are resorting to customised clothing labels to create their own identity in the global marketplace. While the new designers are using the custom labels to highlight their uniqueness, the existing ones are embracing the same to give their own brand a new identity. It’s all about branding nowadays and the clothing labels contribute to effective branding to a great extent. For a clothing line, a brand is just not a name. Although it’s a name that sells, but the popularity of that particular name depends on a lot of thing, for example, the texture, the quality, the fabric, the uniqueness of design and so on.

Customized clothing labels highlight the quality of your product and this is how your brand achieves it selling value. A garment label, not only defines your excellence from the lot, but also contributes to carve your own niche in the market. As far as the marketing of the product is concerned, the clothing tags are the sole determinant of the brand’s receptivity to its customer.

Apart from branding, the purpose of uses a clothing tag is manifold. Some of them are listed here. Let us take a look at some of them:

1. Clothing labels specify the size of a particular product, whether it is large, medium or small. For kid’s clothes, a clothing label defines that particular age group.

2. Sometimes garment labels determine the particular fabric material, such as, wool, cotton or silk. For example, you have a boutique, which mainly specializes in cotton clothes. In that case, you can choose unique fabric labels that could signify the quality of your product as well as the line of your business.

3. Clothing labels also indicate the wash care instructions associated with a particular brand. For example, your clothing line mainly specializes in silks. By choosing a proper custom tag, you can let your customers know that this particulars “brand” of clothing is recommended for hand wash and not for machine wash or bleach.

4. Fabric labels sometimes carry the designer’s or the manufacturer’s signature, brand name or logo.

5. You can also add a tagline that goes with your logo and reflects the high points of your brand.

Apartments For Sale in Buenos Aires Argentina

The best locations in Buenos Aires. New construction apartments in the heart of Palermo. Palermo covers a large swath of residential Buenos Aires, including Palermo Viejo, Palermo Alto, and Palermo Chico as well as Palermo Park. Palermo Viejo is a large area that can be further subdivided into Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. Palermo Hollywood is home to the trendiest restaurants in Buenos Aires. The cost of living in Argentina is quite low, so your retirement funds will be able to stretch a long way in this part of the world. The nation is recovering from its past economic recession, so right now you have the best of both worlds: Prices are low, and the economy is improving.

This second fact means that there are lots of opportunities at the moment for making investments in Argentina as well, perhaps helping to fund your Argentine retirement. You can live in the gorgeous metropolis of Buenos Aires, which is full of culture, art and museums. Or if you are searching for more tranquility for your retirement, then you can set yourself up on a stunning private ranch in the beautiful Argentine countryside.

The capital has all the symbols of modernity: joggers, Internet cafés, ubiquitous cell phones, women who have clearly resorted to plastic surgery, psychiatrists and real-estate agents, health-food stores and overpriced folklore boutiques. There is a large expatriate community in the northern suburbs of the city, where you’ll find supermarkets with shelves stocked with familiar American products.

All indications are that an investment in an apartment in Buenos Aires is a good one. If this interests you, you have two options:

  • You can buy something small, something that would be considered a starter home for a single person or a couple;
  • Or you can buy a larger unit, a “classic” apartment in one of the better neighborhoods.

A smaller apartment would make a good long-term rental on the local market, returning a good profit with minimal hassle. Given the current economic crisis in this country, though, eviction could be a potential worry. However, laws in Argentina are similar to those in the United States, and the eviction process isn’t overly difficult.